High End Condos | Downtown Ottawa | St. Charles Market


Your home at St. Charles Market also includes fabulously designed and appointed amenity spaces; a welcoming lobby, a large fitness and recreational space, magnificent outdoor areas and inspired places to entertain, meet and gather.


Outdoor Lounge & Dining Area

Off of the 2nd floor work/dining room there will be a private outdoor patio with views onto the courtyard and starry night wall.


Fitness Studio

The spacious fitness amenity room will include areas for exercise machines, free-weights, kids play area, yoga and a golfing bay.


Sauna and Lockers

The women’s and men’s change rooms will both include an infrared sauna,
showers and lockers.


Host a Get-Together Outdoors

The patio area will be available to residents only and can be reserved for gatherings.


Stretching & Yoga

There will be an enclosed area within the fitness studio to practice yoga, to stretch or meditate.


BBQ / Outdoor

Natural gas hookups on the shared patio space mean a great place for barbecues.


Golf Bay

The fitness studio includes an area to practice your golf swing year-round.


Kids’ Play Area

An area for kids to burn some energy and keep occupied while parents workout.


The elegant lobby was designed as a continuation of the public outdoor forecourt into the building. The lobby is a welcoming transitional space. It remains true to the character of the new building by introducing the same language of the surrounding public spaces inside.

The materials used in the lobby are traditional but applied in a contemporary manner; stone (terrazzo) flooring, dark wood furniture and brass. There is a grand sense of volume in the lobby anchored by the concrete-wrapped elevator bay and lightened by the large, coloured windows and green wall. Guests and residents will find this space comfortable and inviting as they move from the outside into the residences.


The lobby provides secure access to an innovative and proven automated or “puzzle parking” system. The technology was developed in the 1980’s and has been used in Europe and in the US since the early 1990’s. The automated system uses individually controlled sliding pallets to manoeuvre each car independently to create a exible and highly effecient parking and retrieval system.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Example

Lifts, are used when the vehicles are parked within the puzzle parking system on different levels.

Pallet and Carrier

The pallets are horizontally stored in parking levels and sit on top of carriers that can be moved in all directions.