Construction Update #5 - St Charles Market Official Website

Construction Update #5

May 14, 2021

This spring has brought quite a few new updates for St. Charles Market. Residents on level 6 have begun moving in, meaning the majority of the building will be occupied by next week! The automated valet parking garage with turntable is in full swing. Thus far, our focus has been on completing the residences and moving purchasers into the building. That is now shifting to the exterior which will be exciting for the community to see progress as we work toward completing it. We are looking forward to the landscaping being completed and the grounds once again enjoyed as a community hub.

On the sales front, we had a busy few months with 3 new sales. The striking townhomes with custom glass curtain walls that complement the stained glass windows of the church, are now visible from Barrette St. and are sold. They will be occupied this summer and the homeowners have selected some gorgeous interior finishes to personalize them to suit their tastes.

We are down to 2 units of the 56 in the development. Unit 305, a large 2 bed/ 2 bath + den, and our last PH which will be a spectacular 4000sf custom home.