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“The long history of the church and the collective memory of the community presents an opportunity and an obligation to think long term and to design an ever-evolving community hub.”

Andrew Reeves | Principal & Lead Architect | Linebox Studio

A Gathering Place Then And Now

For over a century, St. Charles Church has been a focal point for the surrounding community, serving its parishioners and neighbours as both a spiritual hub and a gathering place.

Fast forward 100 years. ModBox Inc. and Linebox Studio are creating St. Charles Market, a smart collection of horizontal homes and town homes wrapping around the original church structure. At its heart, the historic bell tower will serve once again as a welcoming beacon to the Ottawa community.

The repurposed church will be transformed into a vibrant restaurant and a local marketplace. The original grounds will once again serve its neighbours with seasonal attractions programmed by the community: an al fresco farmers’ market, a pivotal community gathering spot with whimsical public places, patios and benches.

  • Dignity preserved.
  • Purpose restated.
  • A new future begins.

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